rock crystal pendant

a little camera obscura around your neck

… I have a few delicious little rock crystal balls rolling around in the corner of my stones box, so transparent they’re hardly visible, nothing more than soft crescent shadows.


Their pale forms gently whisper, they are shy stones, they don’t want to be the centre of attention, but when you touch them, there is some magic there.  You see they are perfect global cameleons… they demand to be rolled around in the palm of your hand, taking the colour of all they pass across.  Then you can’t help but hold them up to the light, move them around to see the inverted images that float inside, slip around.


Settting one firm in a metal backed bezel made no sense. So full of light I decided it had to be set in air.  So I rounded the edges of a small circle cut in a silver nickel oval, and she sat there perfectly.  I slipped a thin and tall silver bezel over her sides, just loose enough to allow her to roll around on her perch, and high enough so that all it took later was a soft presure along the top of the metal to hug the upward slope, holding her gently in place.

Along with the bezel I soldered three slightly beaten sterling silver hoops to the now gently curved oval backing.  Adding a simple hammered silver bail on top and she’s done.   Next job is to make her a chain and perhaps a ring to match?


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